Miami Boat Trailer Rental Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Below you will find answers to boat trailer rental and boat storage questions we receive regularly. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please call us at 786-728-9988 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Question: Do I need to give a deposit?

Answer: No, depending on the trailer that's being rented, we run your card to verify funds on the account, then immediately void it out just to make sure that you can afford any damage to the trailer. ($200 for single axle, $750 Dual axle, $1,000+ for triple) but it DOES NOT get taken out of your account. It's just a fund verification.

Question: Will that trailer hold the weight of my boat?

Answer: We don't want you breaking down as much as we don't want our trailers breaking. We value our customers and their boats. We look up the weight of EVERY boat and be sure to give you a trailer with a capacity of AT LEAST 1,000lbs over the weight of your boat.

Question: What size ball do I need?

Answer: Any trailer for a boat 20' or smaller (and occasional 21'ers) we use a 2" ball. Any boat bigger, we use a 2 5/16' ball. We rent receivers with a ball mounted on them and also sell a ball and can install it to any receiver you have.

Question: Do your trailers have brakes?

Answer: Florida law states that anything towed over 3,500lbs is required to have brakes. With that law in place and for your towing ease, YES, all axles of all of our trailers have highly maintained and properly working brakes. You will need a 5-pin adapter to properly use the brakes. We also have those for rent or sale for your convenience.

Question: Do you have a trailer to fit my boat?

Answer: Odds are, if your boat is legally allowed to be towed on the road, we have a trailer for it. We do not stock fifth wheel trailers but our trailers can accommodate anything from a jetski to a 19,500lb 36' cabin cruiser.

Question: How does the rental process work and what do I need to bring?

Answer: We take a copy of your license, your truck registration, your truck insurance, and the credit card you are using for payment. We open at 9 AM and close at 5 PM. All trailers are due by 4 PM on their return date or a $50 late fee will be charged. Please, no mismatching or outdated paperwork.

Question: What if I am running late and have nowhere to put the trailer?

Answer: We sell very secure trailer locks to help protect the trailer. We can also meet you (within reason) after hours to open the gate, however there will be a $50 late charge.

Question: What happens if I damage the trailer? Will my insurance cover it?

Answer: Everyone has different types of insurance. Be sure to check yours.

Question: Who is responsible for blown tires?

Answer: You are responsible for any blown or improperly worn tires. We do our absolute best to keep our tires fresh and full of tread. If, for any reason, you notice a tire that you do not trust, we will either change it at the facility before the trailer leaves, or will give you a freebee should it blow on your journey. We are very good about our tires and 90% of blown tires are driver error. Most happen from hitting curbs and loading the boat wrong. If weight is not distributed evenly, TIRES WILL WEAR IMPROPERLY.

Question: How far can we take the trailer? Can we leave the City? State? Country?

Answer: All of our prices stay consistent as long as our trailers stay south of Orlando and Tampa. Anything north IN FLORIDA is a flat fee of $100 for single axle, $200 for dual axle, and $300 for triple axle. This is for a full service and wear and tear on the trailers. We do not rent our trailers for out of state or out of country use. These are recreational trailers, not transport trailers.

Question: What kind of trailers do you rent?

Answer: Our trailers are all aluminum with brakes on every axle. We have trailers anywhere from 2005 (for our smaller trailers) to 2013 (for our larger trailers). They are all meticulously maintained and you can be sure the brakes, lights, straps, and winches are all working properly. We take pride in the quality of our trailers. So we invite any positive feedback on how to better our business, facility, and stock of trailers.

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